Well + Good | 7 natural sea salt sprays for sexy beach waves

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Photo: Notaselfie via Pixabay

Perfectly smooth locks have their time and place, but when it comes to a 90-degree day, we’ll take beachy waves over wrestling a blow dryer. But if you’re not actually on vacation in the Caribbean—or the Hamptons—getting that undone look (especially when your hair is as straight as seaside boardwalk), often requires a little help from a sea salt spray.

Just like that natural grit you get from salty ocean water mixed with a pinch of sand, these genius concoctions are a simple blend of sea salt and natural oils that amp up your texture in a completely undone way.

You mist it generously throughout your hair and either braid it or twist into a bun. After it’s dried, let your hair down, tousle, and let the humidity do the rest. Now that’s natural beauty. —Amy Marturana, Rachel Lapidos

Read on for our favorite salt sprays for that natural, beachy look and get to spritzing.

Originally posted June 25, 2015, updated June 6, 2016.


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Photo: Captain Blankenship

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray ($28)

The super cool indie brand may hail from the Hudson River Valley, but it knows what it means to create beach waves. And, yeah—this one’s gold. Their original mermaid hair spray is a great texturizer as well, but we’re super excited for their new creation which not only gives your hair bouncy volume (with no crunch), but an iridescent shimmer for an ultimate beach goddess look. My hair’s almost black and I still caught a glimpse of the golden mica glimmering within my strands when it caught the light—but it’s not flashy. It gives your hair just the right amount of glow.


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Photo: La Tierra Sagrada

La Tierra Sagrada Hair Medicine Salt Spray ($30)

The first ingredient in this salt spray is ayahuasca. No joke. If you’re not hip to the hallucinogenic ways of the amazon, this flower essence comes from a vine (in the amazon) that’s traditionally used in tribal ceremonies, but can also provide high vibrations that calm your nervous system. La Tierra Sagrada’s founder, Stefani Padilla, spent seven years exploring the healing powers of plants and the ancient, medicinal use of ayahuasca and wound up creating an organic line of all-natural hair products. This salt spray gives your hair a thicker, fuller texture without weighing it down. Just take notice of the smell and don’t be surprised if you start feeling uplifted.


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Photo: Brooklyn Beach, Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo

Brooklyn Beach Hair Summer Scent ($24)

This cult-fave product was born in a kitchen blender, after the founders set out to find a way to replicate their beach-tousled hair back in the city. Their results? This winning formula of sea salt, jojoba oil to prevent hair from drying out, neroli water, and essential oils. When you’re ready to let go of the ocean feel for the summer, the line also includes an Autumn, Winter, and Spring scents.


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Photo: Little Barn Apothecary, Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo

Little Barn Apothecary Jasmine + Ocean Water Spray ($20)

If you’re looking for a highly functioning salt spray that transports you directly to paradise (in your brain) and could also act as aromatherapy all through one spritz, this is it. Founded by two men with a passion for all things holistic, Little Barn Apothecary aims to create simple yet efficacious products—with healing properties as an added bonus. A few sprays of this delightfully smelling product gives your hair the right amount of thickness and texture, giving the illusion of sun and salt—no beach trip necessary.


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Photo: Soul Sunday, Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo

Soul Sunday Seacliff Wave Spray ($18)

What do you get when a photographer and filmmaker take a hiatus from work for a few months of backpacking abroad? A super cool, creative company with a whimsical name like Soul Sunday. Like all its products, this one’s made with 100 percent natural ingredients—Dead Sea salt and aloe with grapefruit and neroli, giving this spray a refreshing citrusy scent that practically screams summer.


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Photo: John Masters Organics, Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo

John Masters Organics Sea Mist ($20)

Forgot to add sunscreen to your part again? Soothe the redness by reaching for this volumizing spray, which contains lavender oil. It offers a one-two beauty punch, adding an aromatherapeutic, calming scent, while also helping your itchy, flaky scalp. Oh, and amplifying your locks.



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Photo: Cold Spring Apothecary, Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo

Cold Spring Apothecary Citrus & Ginger Sea Salt Spray ($23)

Hand-mixed in small batches in the Hudson Valley, Cold Spring Apothecary is all about harnessing botanicals and herbs to create healthy and effective hair and body products. Coconut and jojoba oil add shine (key in that bright sunshine), and the lavender, ginger, and orange peel oil smell so good every time a breeze tousles your hair.

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