Because what are Sundays in January for if not for wallowing in your own filth…

I pretty much only bother to run a bath in January (or on holiday when the tub’s so big it’s just begging for it). Long nights, cold days, bad skin, dry hair… The reasons to soak in a myriad of salts, oils and creams are endless at this time of year. Plus, a long, steaming bath might just be the only cure for those incessant January blues that keep us awake until 2 A.M and have us googling flights to Cancun every moment we’re not wishing we could muster the will power to actually go to the gym.

I’ve already immersed myself in this particular concoction a grand total of three times since Christmas and can safely say its a winner.


1. Light candles like its Valentines Day and you’re  proposing to yourself. Here I’ve got The White Company Pomegranate, Diptyque Figiuier and Cold Spring Apothecary in Amber Fig, which together smells like a Alpine cabin-come-apothecary shop.

2. Think like a cook when it comes to bath ingredients and toss them all in for the perfect flavour if you will. I’m talking salts, soaks and a dash of oil to finish off… I’ve been using Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Soak which smells good enough to eat and BonPon Himalayan Pin Salts & Rose Petals (although the rose petals are kind of gross sitting in the plug hole afterwards). This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak and Ila Bath Salts for Inner Peace are other favourites too. For oils, I like Aromatherapy Associates and as a rule of thumb try to avoid anything with the word ‘parfum’ or ‘perfume’ in the ingredients list.

3. The steam from a bath is the best time to do a hair or a face mask, but ideally both at the same time so you resemble Lady Godiva by way of Space NK. I like Bamford’s Exfoliating Mask while Oribe Signature mask tended to my poor bleached ends (washed my hair in the shower before).

4. Double cleanse like a pro. I dry brush my face before I put on the mask, took it off with a hot flannel and then cleansed again with Soveral Deep Pore Cleanser. Sometimes you just need to feel squeaky clean.

5. Finally, leave your phone in your bedroom and read/watch something great. I’ve just finished The Bridge and have been flicking through The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**K by Sarah Knight. Hilarious while actually having a point, it’s a must for anyone who obsesses over the minute details of life and cares far too much about what others think. So basically all of us.