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A Clarifying Hair Duo

So I can't remember if I've shared this in the past or not, but I went to college in what is referred to as the Hudson Valley of New York state. It's a gorgeous area right on the Hudson River (as I'm sure you could've deduced) that encompasses some of my favorite towns in the country. My boyfriend grew up in the area, so I still spend a lot of time there visiting his family, and overall I've just grown a lot of love for the place I call my second home. Anyways, it wasn't until I graduated college that I realized this area I love is actually a true haven for green beauty. I mean, seriously, there are some wonderful handmade brands that were located right by me for four years and I had no idea.

Nowadays I'm trying to take full advantage of some of the beauty this part of the country has to offer. One such brand is Cold Spring Apothecary, a stunning line of handmade natural products that encompasses everything from hair care to candles. While not technically part of the Hudson Valley, this line is created (and sold) right near the Hudson River, probably an hour south of where I went to school, in Cold Spring, NY.

I've used some hair care from the line in the past (and wrote about it in a previous post) that I loved, so I was really excited to try more from the brand. I settled upon their Basil and Hibiscus Scalp Treatment Shampoo* and Basil and Hibiscus Volume Conditioner*, a duo I hoped would help a bit with my oily scalp and limp locks. I knew right away from the ingredients listing that I'd like them, but I honestly didn't realize at the time that they would end up totally changing my hair for the better. That's right, this is possibly the best shampoo and conditioner pairing I've eve used, maybe even beating my beloved True Nature Botanicals Hair Duet*. It's clarifying, volumizing and hydrating - what more could I want?

So let's look a bit at the ingredients, an impressive array of natural offerings. The shampoo uses a plethora of clarifying properties, including tea tree, apple cider vinegar and peppermint, which work to remove any dirt of grime from your scalp without stripping it of natural oils. The conditioner uses equally great ingredients, such as hibiscus, orange and jojoba oil, leaving your hair nourished and conditioned without the use of excess oils. While I often am tempted to skip out on conditioner, I feel like these two products perfectly complement each other to create a really great hair day - something that does not come easily to me, let me tell you.

Have you guys used anything from Cold Spring Apothecary in the past? I've seen it sold at nationwide stores such as Madewell in the past, but you can also purchase it through their website. I'd absolutely recommend some of their hair care for anyone else with oily scalps - it's a real miracle worker.