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Our Ingredients

Some of Our Favorite Ingredients


Essential Oils:

Basil: Stimulates scalp encouraging hair growth and improved circulation. Helps to Strengthen the hair shaft.

Bergamot: Fresh Scent, anti-septic Calendula Oil: A very soothing gentle anti-inflammatory oil.

Clary Sage: Promotes hair growth. It soaks up excess oil and makes dirty hair look fresh. Anti-inflammatory.

Cedarwood: anti-fungal, anti-septic, circulatory stimulant,tonic, astringent. Aids in preventing hair loss.

Sweet Fennel: Increase skin circulation, great for both sensitive and oily acne prone skin. Promotes healing.

Lavender: Hydrating, healing and soothing. Relaxing scent.

Myrrh: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Warm Sweet scent.

Orange Oil: Revives and refreshes, astringent for the skin.

Patchouli: Woody scent, regulates oil production. Fungicide and anti-inflammatory.

Petitgrain Oil: Woody, yet floral. Good for oily and sensitive skin.

Palmarosa Oil: Extremely hydrating, keeps skin soft and moist.

Geranium: Stimulates circulation in the scalp bringing luster and volume to fine hair, adds an uplifting aroma. On the skin it has regenerative properties, hydrate and soothe. Helps to balance the secretion of sebum while the antiseptic properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns, wounds, ulcers and other skin problems.

Rosewood Oil: Woody, floral scent. Helps with inflamed skin and scaring. Great on all skin types. A cell stimulant and tissue regenerating action on the skin promoting rejuvenation.

Sandalwood Oil: It has an astringent effect on oily skin and soothes irritated skin.

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil: The berries of the seabuckthorn plant are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Natural source of vitamin A and E. Nourishing, revitalizing and restorative. Beneficial for all skin conditions, acne, dry irritated skin,burns, cuts, wrinkles.

Tea Tree Oil: Recognized as the strongest anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial essential oil. Great for acne prone skin and dandruff.


Herbal Extracts:

Essential Oils & Herbal Plant Extracts:

CSA uses high grade organic essential oils and herbal extracts as the core of our products. The therapeutic properties found within these oils and extracts range from natural antimicrobials and antioxidants to countless other healing and restorative benefits for the hair and skin.

Burdock Root: helps to alleviate dry scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Black Willowbark: natural salicylic acid-like ingredient without the irritation of synthetic made.

Green Tea Extract: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and astringent qualities. It is excellent for both skin and hair care. Protects the skin from environmental stress.

Hibiscus Extract: moisturizes, discourages split ends,leaving a healthy shine and bounce. Aids with dandruff and thinning hair. Hydrating, anti-aging and oil-control actions. Improves skins flexibility and elasticity.

Licorice Root: aids inflammations, burns, wounds,abscesses, and general skin problems. Very Soothing to dry irritated skin. Skin whitening effect. Anti-inflammatory.

Nettle Root: great for oily hair and dandruff and helps thinning hair.

Cucumber Extract: Soothing, rich in minerals softening the skin.


Oils, Waxes, Vitamins and more

Apple Cider Vinegar: helps to eliminate sebum and product build-up. Restores shine and body to hair. Balances PH of hair and skin.

Aloe Vera: numerous skin and hair benefits. Contains natural moisturizes, protects and restores skin and hair.

Amala Oil: one of the highest sources of vitamin C. Strengthens the root of the hair and promotes stronger, healthier new hair growth.

Avocado Oil: helps thinning hair and dandruff. Rich in vitamins A, D and E. Reduces age spots, helps heal sun damage and scars. Known for its superior moisturizing ability.

Amaranth Seed Oil: retards effects of aging, helps eliminate free oxygen radicals.

Bhringraji: ancient remedy for hair loss, premature graying,skin allergies, and aging.

Carrot Seed Oil: promotes healthy skin with Vit A. extraordinary skin protection and conditioning benefits.

Coconut Oil: an excellent emollient, absorbing quickly into the skin. Acts as a carrier for other oils.


Oils, Waxes, Vitamins and more

DMAE: antioxidant that helps to firm and smooth the skin.

Evening Primrose Oil: relives itchiness associated with certain skin conditions.

Palmarosa Oil: extremely hydrating, keeps skin soft and moist.

Rosemary: promotes circulation,excellent oil for the hair.

Thyme: very useful in promoting hair growth. Regular massage of thyme oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and gives your hair luster, shine and bounce.

Vetiver: subtle but sweet, smoky aroma. It is very grounding, balancing and relaxing.

Ylang-Ylang: wonderfully balancing and stimulating effect on the skin, to correct sebum production and is also used to stimulate hair growth.


Organic Bulk Dried Herbs:

Dried herbs have been used for centuries for medicinal, culinary, and aromatherapy purposes. Cold Spring Apothecary uses organic and, when available, locally grown dried herbs. Herbs such as lavender,chamomile and calendula can all be found in our soap bars as they act as a great natural gentle exfoliate and leave behind a fresh scent.